Our Strengths

The strength of Bhutan Printing Solution has a foundation on being responsive to our customer's various printing demands.

The Last of us

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The Last of us

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The Last of us

Understanding your needs.

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Featured Books by the Bhutanese!

We are proud to have printed many books authored by the Bhutanese some of which are featured below. A page on how to publish a book in Bhutan is published in this website. Please read through it. If you are interested to print your book, call us at 17122002.

Passu Diary

Chablop Passang Tshering

Whispers Unheard

Waiba & Bastola

A Thousand..

Tshering Wangchuk

In Love with..

S.Tashi & Riku D. Subba

Our Testimonial

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What we do?

At Bhutan Printing Solutions, we bring graphic design together with the latest printing technology. If we do not print the way you hoped, we will do anything we can to meet your printing expectations. We mean it.

We believe in co-creating your printing products. We are open to listening to your ideas and inputs and bring out the best printing that you need.

At Bhutan Printing Solutions, we love to have great design and believe it can work wonders for every business. That’s why our expert Designers make it simple for you and make a huge difference in print.

Printing requires expert hands and an eye for colours. Bhutan Printing Solutions believe in perfection and on fast services. For us, printing is a craft.

With us, expert advise on various printing aspects are free of cost. We do not mind spending hours talking to our customers regarding the printing matters. Feel free to talk to us anytime!

We love communicating with our customers through various means. We are present on Whatsapp, Telegram, Wechat and Facebook besides traditional email and calls.

What do you aspire? A book with the highest printing quality or the lowest price? How about you get a printing job done at your quality requirement at your desired price? Visit us!

Our Printing Partners

Bhutan Printing Solutions places the highest value on our customers who have been placing trust and love for our printing works. We love printing because of our awesome customers who consistently love to print with us.